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escorts delhiIf you really like Classy Kajol, an independent Delhi escorts girl and you are a little bit confused now what to do. You are don’t know that she is hiding her feelings for you and you just want to find out the truth. Love and liking are not as straightforward; you just need to feel it. You just need to understand the signs or signals that she is hiding her feelings from you an don’t want to show you anything. Love is all about feelings and emotions. You need to understand this type of situation and need to understand her signals if she really likes you.

If she is shy then she will never express her feelings in front of you, so now it is all your responsibility to understand her feeling by their signs and signals. When she asks you lets meet and spend some time together. If Classy Kajol, like you then she will give you some amazing signs and signals you just need to understand her signals. If a girl likes you but she is hiding her feelings in front of you, then no issue you can figure out the truth by their signs. If she likes you then she will enjoy your company all the time and love to spend time with you. To understand her signs, you need to follow these factors –

Body Language of mature Delhi escorts girl

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First of all, you just need to understand and read their body language because body language will tell you all. No issue if she hiding their feelings in front of you, just read their body language. When she started smiling when you talk to her and she touches your hands and play with your hairs and laugh more at your jokes. These body language signs are shown that she likes you and have some feelings for you. If she sits near you and closer to you then it is simple she likes you. Note their facial expressions and look at her eyes. If she feels the happiness with you and she loves to spend time with you then she really likes you. These all body language signs give you a clear signal that she likes you.

She Text You First on her call girl whatsapp number

Maybe she feels nervous or shy in front of you but when she talks with you on phone or chatting then she feels more comfortable with you and talks openly with you. When a Delhi call girl sends a text first, it is the strong signal that she likes you and interested in you. If she starts flirting with you in chatting. She feels shy in front you but not on phone. If she enjoying your flirting then it is a positive sign for you and she has feelings for you and interested in you.

She Asks You for Party and Hangs Out on Dinner date session with Classy Kajol

independent delhi escortWhen she will ask let’s go to a party or hangout, it means she likes to spend time with you and her like your company. When a girl feels comfortable with you and feels happy with you. Then he asks like this it means she is really enjoying your company and she loves to spend time with you. When a Dwarka escort girl laugh more at your jokes and while having talking she just look at your eyes and give you some positive feelings and touch your arms etc. It means she interested in you and has feelings for you. You just need to understand her signs and signals that she likes you. After know about her feelings you need to purpose her with good manners so that she said yes to you.

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